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This series of 30-day challenges are tickets boxes that invite you to live experiences throughout 30 days in order to reach a goal. You pull a ticket every day to discover an activity. To complete this little treat to yourself, you will need to find some quality "me time" in your busy schedule, to pause for a moment and live a meaningful and valuable experience. Committing to a 30-day challenge has plenty of benefits, and provides the boost you may need to get started making a change. Once started, the daily focus boosts momentum to implement the desired change consistently. As you keep going, achieving small successes can help motivate you to keep going. Enjoy your month!


On each ticket you will find an action to complete on the front and some extra informative content on the back. The backside information will explain toyou the benefits of the activity and will give you tips on how to complete it. We recommend doing your 30-day challenge daily, consistently during one month to get better results; however, it is also okay if you do it whenever you can. Either way, practice it mindfully and think of your goal before starting each experience.

30 Day Challenge

  • Fitness: Doing some form of exercise is crucial for maintaining good health and feeling confident. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These hormones interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain and improve your self-esteem. However, it is sometimes hard to get that initial start and keep consistent with the practice. This 30-Day Fitness Challenge proposes a daily workout routine to stay fit and feel better.

    Go Green: Daily human behaviors are unfortunately harming the environment. There are still not enough people conscious of how their actions are having a negative impact on our Earth. It is proven that if each of us makes a small individual change, we could drastically reduce global warming and create a better planet for future generations. The time to act is now. This 30 Day Go-Green Challenge provides you with a daily tip to introduce eco-friendly habits into your lifestyle.

    Gratitude: Practicing gratitude is about being thankful for all that we have and focusing on the positive. As we concentrate on the good, we reduce stress levels, improve our mental health and increase our happiness. When you express gratitude, you raise the vibrations around you to a higher frequency, create positive energy and become magnetic. This 30-Day Gratitude Challenge suggests daily activities to help cultivate gratitude in your life and feel deeply connected. 

    Happiness: Happiness is not a destination; it is a way of life. It is happening here and now, in every little detail of our day. Most of the time, simple things can make a huge difference in our well-being. Happiness raises from being present, feeling inner peace, reaching emotional freedom, having the sense of community, building meaningful relationships, and so many little things that we have at hand and that we can inte- grate easily in our life to make it a happier journey. This 30-Day Happiness Challenge proposes a daily action to help make you feel amazingly good.

    Healthy Living: Health is the core of life. It is a holistic concept that has different levels: physical, mental and social. Living a healthy lifestyle is crucial to boosting morale, staying in good shape and preventing disease. You can’t have an optimum level of mental wellness if you don’t address the basics (eating well, sleeping well, working out, etc...). This 30-Day Healthy Lifestyle Challenge offers daily tips to help you feel better, stronger and happier.

    Magical Morning: Having a morning routine is crucial for a better quality of life. if you start your day with great habits, you will gain more energy, motivation, focus and a sense of self accomplishment. This challence proposes a daily morning activity throughout 30 days to help you transform your life.

    Sleep Well: Sleep plays a key role in our health. In fact, it’s just as important as healthy eating and exercise. Lack of sleep can provoke serious physical and mental issues. The growing presence of technology in our lives and a general increase in stress levels, among other things, has triggered a reduction in both sleep quantity and quality. It’s time to take action and make sleep a priority. This 30-Day Sleep Well Challenge offers a daily tip to create a perfect sleep routine and significantly improve your nights.

    Yoga: Yoga is about focusing on the present; it is the con- nection of your mind, body and soul. It provides you with strength, flexibility, health, peace, and ultimately happiness. Doing yoga on a regular basis is highly recommended and is a great activity to add to your daily routine in order to kick-start your day and feel better. This 30-Day Yoga Challenge proposes daily postures with a gradual increase in difficulty, to explore the art of yoga and improve your wellness.

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