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While growing up on Mission Road in Prairie Village, Kansas, I was taught to do my part in and for this world. As far as I knew, my father founded the "reduce, reuse, recycle" philosophy. He then, and still, saves most everything, he gives away what he doesn't have room to save, and recycles what he can't give away. My parents are conscientious of our world and all that is in it.  They open their home, table and hearts to everyone they meet.  They live modestly, humbly share their gifts and are examples of kindness and love.  I'm proud to say they are the inspiration behind this venture.


So what exactly is this venture??  It is the product of ten plus years of ideas, dreams and beliefs.  It is my desire to create less waste and more awareness. It is my eagerness to provide consumers with purposeful products they love at reasonable prices.  Most importantly, it's my passion to support people and places that serve the our world and others. The boutique is the means to support the passion.  Mission Road Boutique's ultimate goal is to have a location that operates as not only as a boutique but also as a donation site. We will accept a wide range of unwanted items.  We will reduce waste by reusing, up-cycling and recycling all that we can, what remains will be distriputed to worthy missions.  In the meantime, 50% of all profits made from donated furniture will go to local non-for-profit groups who specialize in assisting the homeless and others in need.   Your purchase today is more than something to love, it is making you part of something that will make a difference.  I thank you and look forward to seeing you on the road.